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The Work and The Glory : Tiffany Dupont as Lydia

This is the first installment of 'The Work and the Glory' called 'Pillar of Light'. Tiffany Dupont is Lydia McBride. Based in the 1800's and the beginning of the Mormon Joseph Smith and Mormonism.

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Everything about the movie : The Work and The Glory

Tiffany Dupont plays violin Plot Summary for The Work and the Glory (2004 )
Recently moved to upstate New York from the comfort of their Vermont homestead, the Benjamin Steed family makes their way into the established social structure of Palmyra. In their attempt to settle peacefully into the new community, they discover that the help they have hired to clear their land is at the center of a religious controversy - a controvery that threatens to tear the family apart. As two of the Steed brothers contend for the favor of a wealthy merchant's daughter, they find themselves on opposite sides of the religous question. Although the family struggles to smooth the contention, they soon face deeper issues of family loyalty and the pursuit of truth. From IMdb
"The script (The Work and The Glory : Pillar of Light) required composer Sam Cardon to write an original period violin piece that the character of Lydia McBride would play. He anticipated that Tiffany Dupont, who plays Lydia would just act like she was playing for the camera and then they would mix the sound in for the final cut. But by mere chance, Tiffany Dupont majored in violin at the University of Georgia and she ended up playing the piece live for the camera."
Tiffany Dupont at IMdb

"The Eerie canal flows down Main Street of Palmyra, New York. Because the movie was shot in Tennessee, production designers actually built an artificial Eerie canal down the middle of the 19th century Main Street they had built."

"Went with my family to see The Work and The Glory. I haven't read the whole series but still enjoyed the movie more than I expected to. It was by far the best movie in its genre to date, but still not up to Hollywood caliber. The cinematography and sets was very good and some of the actors were really impressive--especially Joseph and Benjamin. Others did well although at times felt forced. But no cheesy acting which was a relief. Although one or two scenes felt a little too preachy for my taste, overall I thought the spiritual topics were handled tastefully. Especially those moments I would have most wanted to be handled respectfully--i.e. the retelling of the first vision. I'll likely go see it again. " Author: lundfunk from Alpine, UT

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Credited cast:  
Sam Hennings ....  Benjamin Steed 
Alexander Carroll ....  Nathan Steed 
Eric Johnson ....  Joshua Steed 
Tiffany Dupont ....  Lydia McBride 
Brenda Strong ....  Mary Ann Steed 
Jonathan Scarfe ....  Joseph Smith 
Brighton Hertford ....  Melissa Steed 
rest of cast listed alphabetically 
Edward Albert ....  Martin Harris 
Sarah Darling ....  Emma Smith 
Phillip DeVona ....  David Murdock 
Colin Ford ....  Matthew Steed 
Charles Howerton ....  Land Agent 
Levi Larsen ....  Samuel Smith 
Emily Podleski ....  Jessica Roundy 
Kimberly Varadi ....  Becca Steed 
Jarron Vosburg ....  Young Joseph Smith 
John Woodhouse ....  Will Murdock 
Ryan Wood ....  Hyrum Smith 

Also Known As:
Pillar of Light: The Work and the Glory (USA) (working title)
Rated PG for some mild thematic elements and violence.
Runtime: USA:118 min

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