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Updated 17 November 2007

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Hi Tiffany, My name is Kelly Ann Hadjiconstantinou. I am a distant cousin of Elvis Aron Presley. On April 17-18, I am going to be holding a One Thing Young Adult Conference at the Oklahoma City Myriad Gardens for young adults. On April 19, 2008, I am also planning on having a memorial celebration at the Oklahoma City National Memorial in OKC, OK. I am looking for a host who is willing to host this memorial celebration since I can not do it. I actually plan on being a part of it. Will you be interesting in being the host of this memorial celebration in order to remembere the lives that were lost in this tragedy that hit our nation on April 19, 1995. The website is or Thank you so much and God bless. Sincerely, Kelly

Hello! I am retired from the us military and have traveled extensively. I was wondering what type of visa/passport you needed to shoot the scenes in the film about Esther in India? I enjoyed your performance in a difficult role. There is not much in the way of history outside the biblical story about Esther. Hope to see you again on the screen. BTW, do you serve in a ministry in a church? Take care with prayers and warm regards lynn g

Tiffany is a beautiful girl. I love you Tiffany. Lincoln A

Hi My name is Vanessa Bell. I am so glad that i finally found Tiffany's website.I am a menber of The Word Institute Church in New Caney Texas. I am also head of our women's ministry along with Brenda McKenna. The reason we wanted to contact Tiffany is because our church would be so honored and blessed if Tiffany could come and be a guest speaker at one of our women's meeting's. I also grew up with Tiffany's pastor's wife Tamara. My maiden name was Vanessa Rhodes and Tamara and i were good friends. Maybe Tiffany can tell Tamara i contacted her and it would be awsome if Tamara could come too. Please let me know if you got this and if would be possiable for Tiffany to be a speaker. Also we are temporally in Brother Hilton Sutton's building in Roman Forest in New Caney Tx. until we get our new church built. Thank You for your time and God Bless You. Vanessa

How-dee from Texas... :) My Wife and I were just enjoying "One Night with the King" and just had to ask, Are you Jewish? We thought you and the movie were great! Thanks! Blessings!
Me again... I was just reading the Christianity today article with Beth and it was really khool. Beth and I work at Gospel for Asia. Your Pastor may have taught at our headquarters in Texas. You should check-out our ministry some time. Ask him if he has been to see us before or is we have spoken as his church. Blessings again! Eric & Beth

Hi Tiffany,,, I saw your movie, Do you know how many times I watch it again and again? 51 times. Its because ever since I realy love the story of Ester in the Bible. I believe that a woman like me also can save my people as long as I believe the One who Is above... You know my most favorite phrase you act on that movie "One Night with the King" was when you said. "David's victory came not because He fought well,Because He believe Well"....Thank you for the courage to believe God most in impossible situation... God Be with You Always... How I wish I could see you in person.... Annelie

Tiffany, It has been a long time since I"ve seen you! I don't think I've seen you since we did the Miss UGA pageant together in 2002. Congratulations on all your accomplishments, and especially on your role as Esther. It is so refreshing to see other Christians stand up for their faith in this industry. I am so proud of you! In case you're wondering who Kathy Easley is, it's Kathy Nash from UGA!!! Again, congrats and may God use you in a big way. ---Kathy E

Hello Tiffany! This is Sydney Jones from UGA. We did SGA and AACE together way back when. I stumbled upon your webpage somehow and decided to drop a line to say hello. Whenever you get a moment or two, you do the same. Hope all is well. Syd :)

I Was Wondering If You Played as A Jew In The Movie ( One Nigght With The King) What Are You In Real Life You Look Like A White Woman To Me But You Could Also Past For Alot Of Other Things To (My Brother and Sisters Said) I tHink Your're Just White are you. Ha I Was Wondering Does Tiffany Ever Check Her Myspace Page Cause Her Last Login Was In 06 May You Please Tell Her To Check It ANd I Sent Her A MESSAGE ADD ME TO YOURE MyspaCe PleASE. Nicole

Fantastic acting as Hadassah in One Night With the King. The L-rd has given you great talent always remember to use it for His Glory. G-d Bless from a fan who will patronize your movies. CPT James D. W, US Army

Hi Tiffany, I hope you get this email and would love to hear from you as well. I have seen O.N.W.T.K. and did a wonderful job potraying queen Esther. I'm sure a lot of people were touched by this film as it touched me. I pray that you get more film offers as good as this one and maybe more biblical film offers. I also hope that you meet your future King (husband) in real life. It is good to know that you are a christian and I hope that despite the pressure being in the limelight that you will continue to stand on your faith in the Lord. Everyone in the film did a very good job and Luke Goss did a fantastic job as King. He showed emotions really well. He's got charisma. I hope he gets save. Him and his family. How's working with him? Take care and God bless you ! Carol

Ms. Dupont, I was truly touched by the vulnerability and sensitivity of your portrayal as Queen Esther. It was refreshing to see a female character in acceptance of the male dominance of the time, and yet finding a means to exert her influence not so much by position, but by persuasion and by her relationships. It is so often true in life that we are bound by our circumstances and yet must find a way to etch out our "freedoms" amidst the boundaries placed upon us. Your rendition of Queen Esther provided an interesting glimpse of someone who managed to do just that. I look forward to seeing your next performances. You have a natural and understated beauty about you, which again is refreshing in contrast to the overly sexualized notion of beauty and Hollywood tends to force feed us. Best of luck to you in your career. Sid

Hello! My name's Júlia, I'm 14 and I from Brazil. I don't have words to say all... actually, I really don't know how to say what One Night With The King did with my life. When I saw the first time, I was with my family, on sunday. My mom said to me "Júlia, I saw a movie, and you need to see, it's about Ester". I saw and... I like it so much... now I started to read all of Bible, because I like very much the Ester's story. And you, acting was so great, now, I'm your fan. Luke Goss was great too, but you was look fantastic, and what I like more in you is about you be Christian, because I'm too and find some actor Christian today is so difficult, and especially for that I'm your fan! Congratulations you are ... amazing! Never forget about God, and never change, because is perfect like that, you're different than others actors, you're better! Kisses Júlia Castilho :}

Dearest Miss. Dupont, My name is Benjamin Nasser, and I'am from Birmingham Alabama. And I'am about 28 years old, and I sure do have downsyndromes and I'am a very, very highly educated young man and I'am not sick or I do not have any health problems. And it is because God has given me so, so-much of his wonderful blessings in my life, and I sure do love the Lord my everlasting Heavenly father who is my all in all. And just to be honest with you my family and I are from Iran but we are American citizens, and we are christians and we sure do love the Lord the Great I'am just with all of our hearts and we are his children. And I'd just wanted just to let you know that God is in control of everything. And what is going on in Iran and I sure do ask of you to please do pray for freedom and peace over there, and what makes you just so, so-beautiful is the light of Christ in your smile and in your heart. Your story that you shared with those young men in the movie with you in One night with the King, my heart was filled with joy when you were in the tribe of Benjamin. And I would love to meet you and to give you a hug and a kiss, just to tell you that I sure do love you as my dearest sister in Christ, just with all of my heart and may God's grace be upon you always and forever. Sincerly, Benjamin N

Oh my gosh.....I just watched the tv show "Greek" for the first time and I saw you. Congratulations on your career!!! You still look amazing. You have come a long way from those days at The Toy Store in Gainesville. I hope you and your family are doing well, feel free to e-mail if you find the time. Steve M

Hey its amanda from gainesville.. i MISS u and i am soo proud of you and i hope that your doing alright..i cant wait to see more of your work.. love you bunches

Tiffany, You are an inspiration to many, your "Esther" is a ministry of it's own. Many young women, and us old ones too, learn each time we view your movie One Night. It is timeless. Many blessings and may your walk with the Lord only strengthen with each step. Sincerely, JoAnn

Dear Tiffany ,i just recently been in possesion of the DVD of the movie "One night with the king" and i can't stop watching it,first because of the romance in the movie and but mostly because of your wonderful role wich you played magnificently.I know it's a little late to send you my congratulations,but i couldn't help myself.May God Bless and guide you while you are continuing to move our hearts.Thanks. Carine

Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany, My son and I loved watching your anointed performance in One Night With the King. I am certain that the KING was pleased with your performance also. May God continue to use you for His Glory and honor. You are a beautiful woman and from what we've heard, your spirit is also. So may the glory of God be displayed in every blessed door that He opens for you in the future. Gracefully, The Bambergs

Hi, I just want to say Happy Fourth of July to miss Tiffany DuPont! Pardon me for my arrogance but if were to send miss Tiffany flowers, is there a particular flower shop that she preffers and what type of flowers should i send her? Another question is why do i find plenty of beautiful pictures of miss Tiffany over the web that are not posted here? And will anybody ever gonna answer my emails? God Bless! More Power! Francis

hey u were awsome in the movie one night with the king. u played your role very good and i hope to meet you some day. take care and God bless you!!! Alicia

Hi Tiffany, you and Luke Goss did a good job on one night with the king. What is it like working with him? Will you do another movie with him? I'd like to see you in a lot of romantic comedies, like Reese, Julia and Drew Barrymore. I know you will become a big star like Reese and Julia Roberts, god is with you. You are very talented. I would like to see the movie He's such a girl. When will it be release. God bless, Rose

hi tiffany.I'm iranian.thank's a lot for one night with the king.I love you so much. Kourosh

hi!! i hope you read this massage i am shiva from canada i love your films and pics your eyes are very beautifull i donot know what i say i can say just this i love you please mail for me your pic plz!!!1 babay. Shiva

I truely hope that this reaches you personally. Tiffany I am so proud of you!!! I have tried to reach you, but I can't even get in touch with Justin. I would love to hear your voice. If not shoot me an e-mail. Can't wait to hear from you. Eddy

I am sorry that this email is not to congratulate you, but in fact, to express my adoration I feel for you. I am so weak to fall into the well of love with a very special individual, whom I've never spoken...sad but true. FOREVER YOURS, Frank :-} p.s., Could you go to your myspace page and approve my friend request [i am Nobody as my name],I want to be your 1st friend! Luv ya. Frank

Recently, i rented the "one night with the king". What a wonderfull movie! What an awesome performance of you!! This message is just to say CONGRATULATIONS for that wonderful performance. I admit i never saw you in the movies before, but from now on, take it for sure, I will follow your carrer closely. Best regards, and blessings for your life. pd. You are so beautiful (i´m falling in love with you!) Christian Lee (from Costa Rica). Christian L.

I love the movie ,you are so beautiful I will meet you one day. Ladreya

I loved one night with the king, and I think you are a great actress. Michelle

I would just like to say i love Tiffany Duponts acting and if this is Tiffany i love you and waht makes me love you more is that your a cChristian just like me! Gaby

omg you were so good on One Night With The King it was so good omg...when the movie was over i couldn't stop thinking about it.......i love you so much. Isabelle

Hi! I just watched "One Night with the King" on Mon 26/05/07 (because I live here in NZ & they never screened the movie ANYWHERE!!) and wanted to say to Tiffany, "You did a great job on the movie!!! Well done!!." Thank you. Luisa

Hey Tiffany! How are you this Memorial Day weekend? Everything Cool? How's Family? Friends? Celebrating? I celebrate all you, I celebrate me/family/friends. I don't have much to say right now. Always stay Beautiful! My resources are limited, but if there is anything i can do for example keep you in my thoughts all the time please let me know. Your happiness is what really matters no matter what that is. God Bless! Francis D.

Hi Tiffany, I became a fan of yours after watching "One Night with the King". It was a great move with memorable actors, however, your personality and ability rose above the rest. Have a great day!! Terry


Tiffany, I don't know how often you check this e-mail, but let me just say that I enjoyed your performance in ONWTK. I love the movie and it is part of our home film library now. I requested on myspace to be added to your friends list. I didn't know how often you check that out. If you're ever surfing the Internet, and have the time, please stop by the Luke Goss Fan Forum - - The lady who started the forum also started his fan page. I know the ladies on the forum would love to hear about your impressions of him. God bless you in your future endeavors. Stay close to Him. Regards, Marinelle S

In reading about you, I thought your statement about being popular in Utah was bad. You hail from a baptist church in CA. but you make fun of Christianity by this statement. Maybe I am simply back-hills, but I would like to know where your conviction is. I thought you were great as Ester, if that has any impact. :)

You go girl! your anwsome, i would like to know if theyre selling your necklace that you wore in the miove i would DIE to get one please email me back asap Thank you and god bless. Sarah G.

I am a youth pastor in Flushing, Michigan. I just showed "One Night with a King" to my youth last night. My youth group is made up of many unchurched kids from a local mobile home park that we are ministering to. They were glued to this movie and moved by it. Your character stood out and today I decided to see what there was on the internet about you. I found your website and was overjoyed to see that you are in fact a Christian. Your beauty is evident on the inside now as well as the outside! I am going to have my wife watch this movie as soon as she gets home today. I am astounded that you are in hollywood and a Christian. It is so cool to think of the impact that you already have had and will have in the future. I am also starting a 20-somethings ministry literally from the ground up. We met last night and one of the first activities we are going to have is a movie night where we will show One Night to our group. I've never written anyone before like this, but do you have time to send me a message of encouragement that I could share with my 20 somethings group? It would be incredible to show this movie and then challenge them that at their age they can take a stand, live as a Christian, and do incredible things because of Christ in their life. Anyways our entire group will now be following your career to see what else God has in store for you. God bless you. Greg

Tiffany will be on Greek this summer. Do you have any scoops? I first found out about the show through Spencer Grammer's fanbase.

Hello Tiffany, I watched "One Night With The King" this past weekend and I loved it. I loved your role in it. The story is so inspirational. How did you enjoy wearing those beautiful cloths? You are such a beautiful lady. I pray the Lord God will continue to quiet you with His love and rejoice over you with His song of praise. God bless you, Saranne, Washington, DC

Tiffany Dupont this is your next door neighbor Andrew Stern from wayyyyyyy back in the days of South Run! I just wanted to say congratulations on all of your success and that you've grown into an absolutely georgous woman (you probably hear this alot). Anyways, good luck with the career....shoot me an email ( PS - I know you're a UGA grad but my Carolina Gamecocks are gonna finally beat you all in football this year! haha take care! Andrew S.

Tiffany, Just wanted to drop you a line and congratulate you on all your success. Your old friend Dan S

I'm a fellow christian and I saw your movie and thought how wonderful the glory of GOD can be.I was inspired.from that moment on I wanted to show gods love to everyone!you are a great actress and I wish to see more awsome,inspiring,and heart warmig movies.I love the story of Esther!!!!!! FROM,HOLLY . TUCSON ARIZONA

hiiiiiiiiiii, i love u! ur awesome! plzz write back. Romina

Hi Tiffany. I loved One Night With the King, and you did exceptionally well in your role! Very charming. I am a part of a Calvary Chapel also. I'm also a recently published novelist, my novel is a medieval story with a theme based on Ecclesiastes and the vanity of life's pursuits apart from Christ. Would you be interested in a copy? It would make a great movie. :) Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. God bless you. Martin B.

Hello, My daughter was wondering what happened to the beautiful dresses Tiffany wore in "One Night With the King"? Were they put up for sale? Can they be viewed? Respectfully, Usha P

Hello Tiffany, It is always amazing to see what God can do with those who are believe him and trust in his Son Jesus with their lives. I saw "One Night with the King" this was a tremendous blessing to me. Although I have read the story of Esther many times it was a delight o be refreshed with such a wonderful film. I am a Christian also, called to minister to God's people. I am as Paul says a servant of Christ, preaching and serving with my life in youth and adult ministries. I've been trying to be a bright shining light here in New York in the strength of my youth. This movie was very inspirational, especially the role of one called by God to serve him. It helped remind me to continue to press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling which I have in Christ Jesus. I pray our Lords blessings upon your work and life in him. A fellow servant in Christ - Craig J

HeLLo Ms Dupont: I am sure you heard this so much, but I did enjoy your frist role and awonderful true story. I owen it and I Wish they would make it more of such biblical movies. I am not regeistered member at my space, i am not even sure if you will get this. But i wanted to wish much happiness and great future roles.If you do get this would be a great honor to read your email knowing how buasy your life must be. My name is donato i was born in italy, but i live in usa florida. Thank you for your time. God bless Donato

hey tiffany!! omgg ur so awesome ..i love the movie u played and ur verrryyy pretty! plz write me back ! <33 hopefully someday i'll meet u .. since i wanna become a supermodeel. Ina

Tiffany - Enjoyed you thoroughly in ONWTK. Keep up the good work. Bless you. Marinelle Sz Granbury, TX

Dear Tiffany, I want to wish you and your family a happy Easter season . May the good Lord bless you and your work , and may He keep you safe this year . Sincerely, Tony Z

Tiffany, Great job in "One night with the King!" I attend a Calvary Chapel in Philadelphia. I would like to buy and donate to the church library a copy of the movie. Can you send me info on where to go to get a copy? Thanks, Rick

Dear Tiffany; I hope that this email finds you doing well. You are probably inundated with emails and correspondence but I felt led to email you. I was able to see the movie One Night with the King on DVD this past weekend. It was a wonderful movie and and excellent depiction of the amazing true story of Queen Esther. You captured the essence of her spirit and beauty in remarkable fashion. I am not in the habit of communicating with celebrities but I wanted to let you know that your performance in that movie captivated me. You truly seem to have a beautuful spirit about you and the Lord has blessed you with a radiant countenance. It is my hope that He will continue to let your light shine as an actress. Also, I read about you on your fan site and I was thoroughly impressed with your biography. You must be an incredible woman! You seem to personify a Proverbs 31 woman which is rare indeed. I wish you continued success and I would be honored to correspond with you in the future. I noticed that you were single so I felt comfortable sending this email. You may go to the website address for the company I work for which is to learn more about me. It would be great to learn more about you and talk sometime. In conclusion, the beginning of One Night with the King talks of matters of destiny. I believe in destiny and the Scriptures back me up in Ephesians 2:10 which state, For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works which God has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. (NKJV) If it His destiny that you respond to this email that would be great. If not that is great too because His will is still being accomplished. I prayed before submitting this email that the Lord would continue to guide your steps and that they would be blessed. Thank you for being available to shine your light in an important arena. Sincerely, Robert M. Kilo

Hey Tiffany, I don't know if you'll ever see this, but I hope you do. I just want to say, your an amazing acctress. One night with the king was awesome! I also want to say that I'm praying for you. Hollywood is crawling with temptation and immorality. Please, just keep yourself pure. Thanks. Mac

My husband and I loved the movie "One Night with the King". What got you interested in playing the role of Queen Ester? Did you study the historical life of Ester before you played the part? Thank you, Beth W Marietta, GA

tiffany i love your movies and i am a chritian to but were do you come are you a dog lover because i love dogs i have to dogs did you love playing in one night with the king from your number one fan luyando daisy k

Hi Tiffany, Thank God from whom all good and perfect gifts come for using you in this role. it's such an amazing movie and i read the book of Esther after watching the movie. i coundn't help but acknowledge God who is able to bring someone out of nowhere and set him upon the high places. Truly when God wants to lift a man, no one can stop it and that is what he wants to do for us his children to set us on high places. Thank God you are a christian and you are beautiful indeed, i had to admit that God really made some poeple especially beautiful and i'm glad to know that my God is indeed a beautiful God. i know that God indeed has raised you up for such a time as this so keep shining for him and him alone and let your inner self be even more beautiful than your outward. Hannah


Hi Tiffany. How are you doing ? I'm doing great. Charlotte North Carolina is a nice place. Hey do you sing ? You know about 21 days ago, I saw you singing and you went into a prophetic moment. I saw that part of it came from my impact, influence on you ( smile ) How is LA and the ELITE work. You're not Garry Kasparovess are you laugh. Have a great day. I noticed you don't use your myspace.. its been inactive since Dec 2006. Hope you still read from my website. I still live in a LOG CABIN smile God Bless [ Queen Esther ]

Tiffany, hi! my name is lauren, and I really enjoyed your performance on one night with the king. when I found out that you were also a christian just as i am,I wanted to email you and let you know that your actions in the industry you are in are so inspiring to me , and that you are truly someone i look up to as i am also wanting to someday be an actress. keep up the amazing work!

I am a soldier currently deployed in Baghdad. When I am not out looking for roadside bombs and trying to find the enemy I exercise and read. I read the book of Esther then watched the movie right after. It was refreshing to watch a movie that came very close to Scripture. Through the book and this movie I am learning of God's great unconditional love for his people Israel. How He orchestrates events to thwart Satans attacks at completely destroying them even among the midst of there outright, blatant disobedience. He is faithful to Himself, His promises and those who trust in Him. Tiffany if you do ever read this email I would like to share my hope for you. I would hope that for God's glory you would ask Him and search His Word for great conviction and wisdom in deciding what roles you play. I hope that as a child of the great King you would put His glory before your own. I hope that He will send you a man that will love you as he commanded "husbands love your wife as Christ loves His Church" willing to die for you. Last I hope that you will not be consumed by Hollywood. The next few years will tell if your loyalty is to yourself and temporary earthly treasures or to the One who bore your sins and the eternal treasures He will extend to those who love Him and keep His cammandments. Nicholas J

Hey Tiffany, Wow, funny what a few years can do! Patrick Anderson (you remember our good friend Pat) came down to visit me last summer and mentioned you had gone out west and made quite a name for yourself in the movie biz.... I had no idea! Anyways, I hope you didn't totally abandon the violin, I always thought you were pretty talented and definitely made orchestra rehearsals a lot more fun. I'm proud of you, you're an amazing actress and have grown into a beautiful young woman. If you're ever near Charleston, drop me a line. It'd be fun to catch up! Pete Larson Lake Braddock - Class of '96

Hello Tiffany: I was impressed with your beauty and your acting in the movie "One night with the King". I saw it last night with my family. I live in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I studied in Georgia several years ago and saw that you too studied there. Are you originally from Georgia? I had some friends Dupont from a beautiful plantation near Lakeland, Ga. I don't know if they are your relatives (Grandpa & Grandma Maybe). I wish to you all the success you can gather and never stop being you!! Alfonso Ruiz-Johnsson San Luis Potosi, SLP Mexico. President in Mexico of the Action Trav'lers Club from Valdosta, GA.

Dear Tiffany, I just saw One Night with the King, and loved it so much that I watched it all over again with my kids! (I can't wait to get my own copy!) How awesome it was, and how beautiful you were in it... You did such an amazing job of portraying Esther's candor and innocence... the beauty of her soul... Only one with such a beautiful soul could have played this role with such believability... I congratulate you for choosing to protect your virtue in Hollywood... May the Lord bless you indeed for setting such a powerful example for girls and women everywhere... We look forward to seeing you in many such movies about our faith... It was time Hollywood got back to showing the beauty of Christianity and its origins :0) And you are most perfectly suited for these epic roles... God truly has an awesome mission for you in this world... Thank you for truly touching our souls, and for strengthening us in our moral convictions... Love and blessings, Monique

Hello Miss Tiffany, My name is Uzi, i'm a 17yr old actor from FL. I am a Jew. I just wanted to say, the film, 'One Night With The King' has been a huge inspiration to me, and my family! Although the story is not exactly like the account in scripture, i believe it actually close to how it really was! Your acting was superb- it moved me to tears! throughout the movie- i laughed, i cried, i bit my nails- No matter if anybody thinks it's low budget, or anything like that- it's NOT! This film is powerful and moving! This is the best movie that's ever been made yet.I read about your desire and testimony, and may i say, I am very proud of your determination to stick with your belief! Thank You for being such an inspiration, and i hope someday to be able to meet you in person! Your fellow Jew, Uzi Ben Dovi, of the tribe of Yehudah!

Tiffany, Hello it's JP in Atlanta. What is up?? I saw "One Night With the King" and I must say you did an incredible job. It was exciting to see how far you've gone in such a short period of time. I hope all is well with you. Email me if you have a moment. Talk to you soon JP

Hello, I just wanted to let Miss Dupont know she did an amazing job with her character (Lydia) in the LDS movie "The Work and the Glory". She was my favorite character, and I was so bummed out when I herd she wasn't going to be in the second movie. I was wondering if she would ever consider continuing in the work and glory series? I know she would make those movies all the more better. I respect and look up to Miss. Dupont so much. She is such an amazing example to the youth in these days. I want to commend her for her high morals and standards. Thank you! -Stacie

Loved the Esther movie, it really lived up to the book! I could watch it over and over. We plan to do a women's eventat our church around the theme. I live in Acworth Georgia and just realized you are from Gainsville. Do you ever do any personal church appearances? Would love to meet you in person. Nancy H

Hi Tiffany, I loved the movie "One Night With The King". I hope to see you in more movies. Good Job! from Kansas City, MO. Angie S

Tiffany, I wanted you to know that I purchased the One Night With the King DVD. All I can say is WOW, what a performace. You were captivating, of course you had an amazing supporting cast as well. :-) Your beauty is ageless, as the movie showed, and I hope to see more movies in the future with you in them. You displayed an air of inocense, while hinting at womanly charm "not as busy as it could get". Stunning, simply stunning! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to future releases. Brett W

Tiffany, have a joyous birthday and keep being a standard of excellence as Haddasah

I am still amazed by the performance of Miss Dupont in the potrayal of Queen Esther's life in the movie "One Night with the King". I had to pinch myself everytime to make sure I was not just dreaming. Bravo!You were like we say in Uganda,'Just the One' I hope you keep up in that Spirit Miss. Dupont, and escape the corruption of Holly wood. Otherwise, we love you in Uganda. One Night with the King is doing very well. I almost forgot, Miss Dupont, you are very beautiful and I loved the fact that your role blended so well with Tiny Lister's. Claver B

Hello, Tiffany! You did a great job as Esther - I saw the movie on opening weekend in the theater, and bought the DVD last wk. and watched it again! Thank you! I live in Cleveland, Ohio, how about you? It's sunny here today - I hope your day is bright with opportunity and promise. I think you have an awesome future ahead of you, especially if you seek God with all your heart! I'll have to check out your myspace page. I'm still building mine. I am a worship leader and guitar player. Anyhoo, have an awesome day! Greg

Dear Tiffany, I would like to say thank you. I am a christian girl who would someday like to be in the theatre or film profession. It means a lot to see a woman who upholds standards and character in an industry that often doesn't respect christian morals. Also when I read your e mail bag it seemed like you had a lot of input from lots of people and it must be difficult to have so much advice coming at you from all directions. Never forget how much God loves you. When the hard questions come up in life sometimes the best thing you can do is love God with all your heart and know that there is forgiveness if a mistake is made. May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you. I hope someday I can meet you on earth but if not I'll see you in heaven. Always, Charissa Z

I just want to check if Tiffany will be at the camie award in May. I hope she will win an award. She is a good actress. Also when will her new movie, He's such a girl be in the movie theatre. Thanks, Rose

Thank you for doing "One Night With The King". It was a lovely story that awesomely and appropriately displayed the love story not only between Xerxes and Esther, but between God and his people. My prayer for myself and for others is that we can do many more great works for God in the entertainment industry. Blessings, Lori

The Lake Country Orchestra in Mineola, TX is in need of violionist if you would like to stop by and perform. Dinner and conversation may follow. Terry Mailing address: 650 County Rd. 2810 Mineola, TX 75773 Phone: 903-569-0348

Hi Tiffany, I really loved the movie; I thought it was romantic and inspiring all at the same time. I was also captivated by the many wardrobes and accessories they had you wear in the movies and I am wondering where can I find the necklace you were wearing, with the pendant imulating the star of David when light is emerged upon it? Thank you, Zainab

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