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Hello Tiffany. Hope all is well. We used to chart on Facebook . However I deactivated my account. I think you are really humble and beautiful. God bless Kwame

I am extremely pleased to learn about your Christian faith. I believe that my wife hosted a bible study about "one night with the king". I am just outside of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Please let me know if you would be willing to speak at our church, or send any info/encouragement. Pilgrim Evangelical Lutheran Church, Menomonee Falls Wisconsin. Thanks much for any response. ...a fellow Christian, J Prekop

Hi Tiffany, first of all, you are very beautiful. I am a Christian man in Ohio, and I am writing to see if you ever come to Ohio. I would like to have you come give a talk to some of the people I help minister to. I think you would be very inspirational because of your success. Thank you, In Christ, Joe

In the film One Night with the King, Esther's expressions of faith really touched me, especially 1. It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out Proverbs 25:2; and "Know you what I like about David? It is not that he fought well but that he believed well" and thereafter Esther mustered up similar courage. I hope Tiffany believes Esther's expressions of faith because they made me adopt Tiffany as a friend of mine. Regards. J

I love the movie 'One Night With The King' which you starred in. Luke Goss and you did a fantastic job of portraying the main characters. And because it was done in excellent taste, I bought a dvd of it. My kids love it as well. Wishing you more great films like that in the future. Hope hollywood produces clean family movies such as that again and again. your fan, jan

Hi Ms. Dupont. Hope your doing well. I really appreciate the work your doing, and hope you keep doing good. You know, I'm a quite supportive fan, and I'll keep on supporting you, so please keep it up. God bless, Nika

Dear Tiffany, Thank you for doing "One Night With the King." Perhaps you were brought here for such a time as this. Our children desperately need positive christian role models in this ever darkening world. Clearly God has blessed you with great beauty, intelligence, and talent. I'm writing to ask you to always stay true to what you stated on your website...that you will only do movies that don't conflict with your faith. I write as a parent of 4 young daughters, as well as a sister in the LORD. I was so deeply saddened to stumble across some of your other movie titles. I looked up He's Such A Girl and was in disbelief that you would be in such a film. To whom much is given much is required. Use your gifts and talents for good. You are a daughter of the KING! I fear young people who admired you in ONWTK will be curious and watch this movie. This movie feeds darkness not light. I realize it has been years since you made this film. However, you have so much more to offer the world than this. Be the true princess you were born to be. Let your light so shine before men. Thank you for your consideration. Noel

Just wanted to say that "One Night With The King" was on TBN tonight. I enjoyed you in the movie, which I have seen many times. I just wanted you to know that you are so very beautiful and talented, and I pray that whatever you are doing now, that you are happy, joyful and peaceful in your life. God bless you! Cynthia H

I'm looking on IMDB at this film a few of my friends are working on, Hijacked, and I recognize your name from when you guested on my series, The Glades. Then I realize we may have bumped into each other last night at a Halloween shindig in the Hills. So random? Jordan W

Hi Tiffany , i watched many times your movie as the Queen Esther .You are not just so pretty but a real good actress . Have you done any other movie recently , have scenes and names of locations ? i am company counselor,farmer and industrial in Brazil . I want also to congratulate you to work with O´toole and shariff . Regards S Amaury

Hi Tiffany. My name is Corey Johnson. I just wanted to say that you were great as Esther in One Night with the King, and really great as Frannie in Greek. You should do a video on youtube playing czardas. I play violin too, and I'm working on that song, it's a really pretty song. Keep up your amazing acting career, and continue to play violin. Corey J.

Hi Tiffany , my name is Shauntel, I have recently watched One night with the King , I cannot help to notice your resemble's to the picture of Esther, I think you were born for this role. I have read the book as well written by Tommy Tinney, Grand performance , I like what you stand personally, I read about you on this website, it would be a pleasure to be a emailing friend to you. ( up to you of course ) Stay blessed. S.James

I work with -- the charity web site started by,, and -- and we'd love to let your fellow Tiffany Dupont fans know that they can bid on her dress and wear it to prom or a special event! The proceeds from the auction at : Tiffany Dupont will create grants that the dress drive organizations that are part of the DonateMyDress network can apply for. It will help them run events to collect and distribute dresses to girls who can't afford them for prom.
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Leonor Velasquez

Hello Miss Tiffany!!! I just wanna greet you belated Happy Birthday... I hope by this time you will be able to receive this message because the last time I sent You one it doesn't work. I was truly Blessed with the way you portray the role of Esther in that movie(one night with the king). Especially when I found out that you are a Christian too. Its so great to know that despite of the fact that most stars nowadays no longer abides the Words of God, still you excelled to be one of the few who does. Continue being like that and surely many more unexpected Blessings will come into your life together with your family. I'm Haziel anyway, 19 years old from Davao City, Philippines. Be bless...In Christ alone. Haziel

Hi Tiffany, I watched your movie One Night with the King (DVD) just the other day. You are so lovely there and very good. I am a Christian and I do appreciate the character you portrayed (Queen Esther). Honestly, I don't know you or anything about you. But after watching the movie, I decided to become one of your fans here in the Philippines. Thank you and God bless your career. Stay sweet and humble! Steve J.

Hi I'm Nasser,24 years old.i saw your movie,one night with the are really a princess.I am so glad to be one of your fans.say,I am a are so beautiful.God bless you. regards

I just wanted to say I simply love that movie "One Night With The King". I watch that movie literally once or twice a week. It leaves me with a wonderful feeling of hope and assurance that God really does have good things in store for His little girls. I am awed by the casting. The King played by Mr. Goss was perfect. I loved his accent and I loved the way he carried himself and I loved them together! I also think that Haman played his part very well also. He was annoying as he should have been. Bravo! Bravo! for this movie. Thank you and be blessed. ... just how beautiful I think Ms. Dupont is. Her personality was so pure and her smile was just captivating. She was the perfect person for this part. Bravo to her!! I pray she lands many more roles in the future because of this movie! God bless you Tiffany Dupont and keep on doing what you are doing. It is paying off!! Karen

I just wanted to tell you that you are a wonderful woman, beautiful and moral. Please never lower your standards and don't let Hollywood affect your values, no matter the pressure. You are an example to all of us Christians and to many little and young girls who may feel there is no way to be good, beautiful and moral in this world. Mauro & Larissa

Hi! I just read the book: One Night With The King. I found it highly enjoyable. I think that you have a great future and I pray that God would continue to use you to bring glory to him! Nathan

Dear Tiffany!! My name is Dominika, I'm 16 years old and I live in Poland. I'm a huge "Greek" fan, and I would love to have your autograph.

I just wanted to say I was moved by your performance in "One night with the King". It was an incredibly beautiful and wholesome movie and you really stand out. You look so natural wearing the royal clothing like you really could have been the character! I know hollywood is not always welcoming to people who have morals, so your success is a wonderful example for others. I wish you all the best for the future. Laura

hey tiffany. im janey. im from great falls va. and i go to kilmer middle school. i thought it was really cool that u lived so close to me and went to UGA cause my mom, aunts and lots of my family went thee and my aunt was miss uga too! so yeah have a good summer! exohexoh, JAney

Hi Tiffany, I recently watched the movie "One night with the King". You looked so beautiful and Heavenly. It felt as if an Angel from heaven came to act the part. You weren't acting; You were simply living the life of Queen Esther on stage. H.B.

Tiffany, I have enjoyed your performance in One Night so much - I have bought so many DVDs that I have lost count.. they are great girfts. I teach a Bible class from the movie. You are so lovely,such an inspiration and I know you from Tommy's worship DVDs, also. I hope to see more of you soon. If there is an email list please put me on it! Shalom and Many blessings, JoAnn Judd

Thank-you for your lovely portrayal of Esther, Hadassah. We watched One Night again this week and loved seeing how your sweetness and inner beauty shines through and gives a wonderful view of what life is like when in the hands of God. May our Lord and Savior richly bless you and guide you as you walk with Him. Proverbs 3:5-6 Blessings, Denise W.

Happy Birthday Tiffany.

Such a wonderful job in the movie. One night with the king. Your portrayal was very moving. Continued blessings thru out your life. God bless Ya in JESUS NAME AMEN. Armand C.

I've got neither the words eloquent enough nor a mind capable of putting a sentence together describing the way I felt when I first saw you as "Esther!" ... All I can say is, wow! ... I wish you all the best in your life, and it's truly 'my' heart's desire that you receive all you sincerely dream could 'ever' be lavished upon you for a great life! ..." Be Blessed and may our Lord God shine upon you all the days of your life!" David M

Why didn't you play Lydia in the other Work and the Glory movies? They weren't as good with you not in them. Someone said that you were acting like a diva and were too high maintenance. I want to hear the real, honest answer from you. Editor: Eyewitness says she was very kind and a happy person to work with. Also, other preplanned commitments intervened. Somewhat similar to Esther.

Tiffany,Thank you so much for wearing our Humanity Tee Shirt at the la loves venue last Sunday night.
Thanks,THotsenpiller Humanity Collection

I am just another one of your fans but this fan must pray everyday that the L-rd Will keep me safe for these next four years. You see I too am one who takes great risks to defend some American Citizens that I have never met. Ma'am I have spend 17 months over in Afghanistan and will most likely spend another tour over there or in Iraq. At my lowest point upon my return I viewed the film One Night With the King at North Country Hospitality House (Cadence International) last summer and was reminded that Hadassah could have hidden the fact that she was Jewish but instead she was challenged by Mordeci, "Who knows but that it was for a time like this that you obtained the royal dignity?" (Esther 4:14 NAB). Thank you ma'am for being used by G-d to complete this film. May the L-rd richly bless your ministry. James W.

Tiffany, Long time, i just wanted to take the time to say hi and tell you congratulations on all your hard work and success, you deserve it. If you ever get some free time to chat I would love to catch up. Best of luck with everything. Love, BJJarrett

First off I'd like to thank you for such a lovely page for such a lovely actress. One of my friends recently brought her to my attention and though I'd seen One Night I hadn't realized who the actress was. Its good to find a strong Christian in the industry and she certainly deserves good attention. ... Tam

As an inspiring Christian actress I am encouraged by your journey as an artist. Thank You. Rhonda

Hello, Tiffany: I just wanted to send you a simple message filled with love and peace, so that you will know and always remember that there are people who believe in you. I know that you had nothing to do with that blog. That is not you. That is not the kind of woman you are. I know that. I'm new to your work as an actor. I have not see much of it at this point. Your performance in the CSI episode is what caught my eye. I thought your acting was so brilliant and real and honest. I just recently saw One Night with the King. Fantastic performance! You are so real and that performance is so seamless. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Wishing you all the best, Leigh Buck

Hello, Forst I want to say that the whole family loved One Night with the King. Beautiful story and acted greatly. Question is, where can I buy necklace exctly like the one in the movie? This would mean a world to me. Thank you in advance for your help, Best Regards, Katrina

hi Tiffany, you are so beautiful and all the time I was watching "One Night With The King" ... ... here's my small fan mail. Dr. Suniel

Hi Tiffany, I was trying to find your parents and saw your website! I used to babysit you when you were a baby! You were so beautiful then and I am thrilled to see you now!!! My family and I lived next door to you in Black Forrest COL, and the last time I saw your parents was at my wedding in 1987. We have wondered where they are and how everyone is doing? If possible please pass my email address to them. I am sure they are so proud of you!!! Thanks and continued success! Cathy Petty Rheinheimer

I would like to get in contact with Tiffany or her manager. Can you please point me in the right direction for contact. Thanks and regards, Jeremy Rolleston, Propeller Fashion Show,

Tiffany, you are truly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. The make up was not necessary. Those eyes and that enchanting and captivating smile are just heavenly. May God bless your partner, for he just received an Angel of love. Jose

Just wanted to say your acting was amazing, and you made me want to read the book of Esther and be courageous like she was in my walk to with God.. Please continue to let God's light shine in your life, it was encouraging. Thank you, Sindhu

Dear Miss DuPont, I was able to watch your portayal of Ester in One Night With the King, and was quite pleased with your performance. I began to think you might actually be Jewish (though obviously American :-). I am honestly a little surprised to see FoxFaith Films tackling pro-Judaism plots and stories in the face of overwhelmingly Christian pressure, though I am delighted to see it.
In researching your background, to my surprise, I learned that you may actually be a Christian. I realize that studios often "cast" the backgrounds of stars for religious films in order to make them more palatable for the religious right. While that may be the case for you, I wondered how, if you are a Christian, you put so much Jewishness into the story. Are you actually a Christian — and if so, what does it mean to be a Christian?
I realize that you are quite busy, but if you would honor me with a personal response, I would truly appreciate it.
Thank you. Stacey Schaller

I do hope you read this!!!! I am your biggest fan. I am redaing the work and the glory and i love th books!!! You just made the movie that much better!! I was wondering if you are married. And I have to tell you i almost cryed when you were not in the second one!!! if fact tears came to my eyes. You are the BEST actress!!!!!!! PLEASE be in the 3rd or4th or even the 5th!!! I miss you in them!! I always imagine when i read the books as you as Lydia I always picture you!!! I really want to meat you. That is my dream!! You are the most fantastic woman ever!!! truly yours (biggest fan),

You are gourgous!!! We (my sisters and I) think you are the best actress to walk the planet earth!!!!! We expecially loved you in the work and the glory!!! That is my favorite movie because you are in it!!! I am a morman. i have 2 brothers and 3 sisters, we all LOVE you. Kristina

I would like to know when , He's such a girl will be in the theatre. Also I would like to get , Joan of Arcadia dvd, and Bedford diaries and also grounded for life. Where can I get this dvd. Send some info of Tiffany's upcoming movies. Let me know if she got the part she auditioned for, opposite Heat Ledger ( I don't know if this is how you spell his name). God bless Tiffany, God is with you. I know you will be successful in your acting carreer.
God bless, Rose

Hey i don't know how your name came up but, i was thinking about you. taking you home from braddock. from what i've read you seem good. i'm very proud of you. your friend Nathan Rothstein

I appreciated your performance in One Night With The King. I assume your carefree smile and laughter were a natural part of who you are in real life. Being raised a Latter-Day Saint, I was positive you were LDS! That carefree beauty, smile and laughter was common in the girls I grew up with at church and you were convincing. Good for you, your faith and the joy you bring to others. God Bless. Robert

Hello, my name is Casey Casteel and I reside in Atlanta,GA. I am writing to say that I enjoyed the movie "One night with the King". It was brillant ! I love how it displayed the favor of God in that movie. I have recently been reading the book Nehemiah and I have realized that would make an awesome movie as well when you put the storyline and the cast in it ! I was concerned If we could set up a meeting just so I can hear the story of your life. In addition to that I would like to know all that God has done for you. Is this convenient for you and I would greatly appreciate it. It would be an honor to know you and everything God has done for you. Please consider this a blessing to you ! my email is above to contact me whenever you want ! many blessings, Casey !

G-D BLESS YOU!!! K. Dawid

I am the theatre director at Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke, Virginia where Tiffany performed in two of our shows. The current students have watched "One Night..." in class and are all big fans. I was wondering if she wouldn't mind contacting me to get reacquainted with the "hometown". Congrats, Tiff - R. L. Mirabal

Dear Tiffany dupont i am a liturgical dancer and actress would like to know if we could be email buddies please comtact me Tiffany briscoe i would like to come to your church and dance and i would like to network with you as far as getting parts. Tiffany Briscoe

Hello I just wanted to say that your performance in One Night with the King was amazing! The story pulls you right in. I am a Christian and when reading Esther in the Bible it now seems to come to life more now than before! Thanks . Mary

Hey Tiffany, i'm a new fan. Sorry if this is personal, but its been on my mind. You've played in some religious films and i've heard that you only want to play wholesome, roles that don't compromise your faith. But you also star in berkley diaries, which is ... not quite 'christian.' Different ends of the spectrum, eh? So i wanna know, are you a Jesus freak, or not? A.J.

Hello Tiffany,I just watched ''One night with the King'',it was very good.After the movie finished I read the whole book of esther,and then I busted my bible dictionary to find out more on the story,but the movie covered it all.You did awesome job,I couldn't get your beautiful face out of my mind so I looked up your webpage and there you,to findout your a christian woman.thats amazing,praise God,I'm a christian also who finally surrendered to the Lords will.I serve at church in Bayarea Nor-Cal,I'm a vocalist,I sing in all the choirs and getting ready easter play production.Pray for harvest of souls for the Lords kingdom,man,well I don't know why I'm emailing you I don't like being on computer,I'm a Builder.Maybe to encourge you, I'll pray that you be lead by holy spirit in your life and JESUS BE GLORIFIED.You are a beautiful creation. God bless, Michael

Hi, I really admire you! I want to be an actress, but I did not think I could because I am a Christain. You have shown me that you can still be an actress without conficting with your faith. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you in many more productions! God Bless!- Beth

Dear Ms Dupont, In an age when those in media are obsessed with fame and fortune, it was so good to read your biography on this website and see that you are upfront about being a Christian and not taking roles that would compromise your faith! I will be praying that God will use you in future movies that are as inspiring and uplifting as "One Night with the King" is! of course, as soon as it came out, my wife, Karen , and I had to go buy a copy which we have shared with friends and family! Your movie was the inspiration for our current Bible on the book of Esther and I plan to show it to my parishioners as soon as we finish the study! Thank you for taking a stand for Christ when so many are compromising! I'm also glad to know you attended the University of Georgia and that you are familiar with my home state! May God bless you always as you strive to live for Him in a profession that does not always reward one for their Christian beliefs and values! Thank you for showing me it is possible for people to redeem the arts for Christ Jesus! Sincerely Yours in Christ!
Drew Standridge, Pastor: Wakulla United Methodist Church

TEXT: Loved Tiffany in "One Night with the King", and while I applaud Tiffany's beliefs, and pray that she will stay true to her convictions in the future, ... Maybe I am just weird, but I believe God wants us to be holy and wholesome in all ways, ... Be holy as God is holy! I promise you He will honor you for it. Kathy

Tiffany: Wanted to say thank you for portraying Ester so well ... but most of all, for the example you have and will set for young girls/women - and that purity is to be admired and sought after. I have the DVD and just finished watching it again!, and while watching the movie, was wondering if you knew what you were saying when you prayed the prayer "Lord I've walked before you with a perfect heart". Now reading the site here, I know that you do! God Bless you in all you do.
Diane Curley, Sistersville, WV

Dupes, Hey this is your good friend Bill from Lucky Strike. It looks like you are doing very well and I wanted to congratulate you. Someone brought your name up the other day and I said I had to try to contact you to see how you were. Hope things keep going well for you. Hope to see you soon, Bill Scheidhauer

Hey Tiffany,
My wife and I watched "One Night With The King" last night. We loved it. I believe you portrayed Queen Ester perfectly. I read that you intend on doing more wholesome roles, I'm glad. We really look forward to seeing you in more roles like this in the future. As I heard once in a TV program "Keep On, Keeping On". God Bless you.
Darryl & Tamara (My Queen)

Hi how you doing? i think you are real queen in the true scence of it. you are so very preety. God bless you real good and be good ok. later. Ayo

hey tiffany
how r u ? how is life going on ? its very long time i didnt find u becoz of mail Id but i now i got that . i could not made u mail but u know i still miss u as i was every moment i feel that u r with me . Two year's passed but u r still in my rememberens my memories and my mind s . belive me i reliez that i miss u so i desided to mail . but i could not get responce may be u didnt got that . thats why i sent this massage on your fan site . i am still in palace . i would like to wish you all festivel new year and marry crissmas . plz respone my mail . i am waiting for u r mail .hey tiffany i know u got bussy with ur life but whenever u got time mail me i will be great thank full to u . u live in dreams
Swaroop singh

Tiffany you did a wonderful job in the movie. The acting performances, costumes and music was grade A. I would like to ask a small favor if I may. I'm getting married in March 07 and would like to walk down the aisle on a song sung by Be Be Winans. I believe the name of it is Born for this. The song was so fitting for the Queen and I believe this would be a great song. I can't find this song anywhere, can you help.

Hey Tiffany! Your film was an absolute hit for me. After I saw it with my mom and little sis, I encouraged ALL of my friends to watch One Night with the King. The film reminded me of God's perfect plan for me and how He fulfills it. Your role in this film encouraged me to continue on with what God has planned for me regardless of opposition. I pray that your career may soar and may God Bless you!
Michelle Pinochet

Enjoyed 1 night with the king.very inspiring and uplifting. thank you

Thank you Tiffany for bringing Esther to life so vividly in the movie "One Night...". You have the looks and talent of Anne Hathaway and the heart of one fit to be used by our God. Who knows-perhaps you were created to make movies like this...for such a time as this. Being a die hard Georgia Tech fan I guess I will have to relent and say that great things DO come from UGA - LOL.
C Weaver

I was do the work in this movie in jodhpur ok, i was meet u .u r very beautiful girl in world. bey ur good friend

o.k i only wanna say god bless you god bless your soul and all you work.... jesus love you.... and he got plans for your life. god care your life and your walks bye


Thank You Tiffany! I love what God is doing through you, and I just pray that you will continue to be a representative for God's kingdom. Know that we are praying for you and that your work will not only enlarge the kingdom of God, but also that your career will be blessed as well. God Bless,
Kelsey Springwater 16, AR

Hi Tiffany, I just wanted to say you did an outstanding job in One Knight With The King, The Lord Jesus is with you and he has a plan and purpose for your life. God Bless You. You and your family our in my prayers. Jesus Loves You with an Everlasting Love (Jeremiah 31:3) God Bless,
Sister Malinda

You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Just saw "One night..." for the second time. Always thought Ali MacGraw was most beautiful. Not any more. And you're a much better actress. Hope your career takes you wherever you want to go.For those who dream, Life goes on Forever...for those who don't, it's already over. All your dreams come true...

Tiffany i'm a soon to be 17 yr-old girl and i just wanted you to know that one night with the king was absolutely amazing... i know youv'e heard it before but it was.. i absolutely love.. Esther has long been my heroine and just reading what i've read about you has made you my heroine to.. the grace and faith and love and compassion you exuded on the screen was incredible. i am floored by how real you made Queen Esther seem you truly brought her to life for me... i have had people laughing at me for how much i love this movie... but i really dont mind because all that matters is the King whom i want to please and honor and serve. if you could i would absolutely love to hear back from you.. i would truly love to be able to talk to you.. you have truly been used as a tool for God in this movie and thank you and pray that God will continue to use you in mighty ways!
Chloe Ford
What was it like working on the movie?

I wanted to thank you for your work in One Night With The King! The movie really encouraged me in a way I did not expect. I thought it was a great faith inspiring movie and an example of the power of the word of God!Although I think you are a great actress and that you did an amazing job, I really felt the most moving and powerful thing about the movie was your presence. You carried such a kindness and a Christ-like spirit about you. I had never seen that true inner beauty of a christian shine through in a movie before. I think it is a rare thing! It so challenged me to make sure I am filled with His love and to be an example of it.
Something my Grandmother would always say before she passed away is very fitting for you "Your beauty is exceeded only by your kindness!" I am sure it is not easy to walk with such a full cup in life. Being so beautiful and talented! You will be in my prayers. Thanks again and God bless!!! P.S.-Now when I pray for a wife I know what to tell God... I want someone like Tiffany!!!
Justin Fitzsimmons

Thanks you!!!! for the movie "one night with a king", you perfomance is cautive.

I loved your movie very much.
Steven Rosen

Much love to you..the movie was awesome...ive seen it 2 times and plan on seeing it again...stand strong Tiffany; and its refreshing to see someone from our Generation standing for something pure in the industry. Dream Big. Love God.

Dear Tiffany, Just want to say you was Great in the movie One Night with the King. I loved the movie. It was wonderful. I've seen it twice and I'm going to buy it when it comes on DVD. I was wondering about the neckless. I would like to get one. When the star come up when light hits it looks beautiful. Could you let me know if I can get one Please. Thank you.
Sincerely, Jennifer Knight

Hello Tiffany, I must say I was intrigued by you after seeing One Night With The King. You are an amazing beauty and did such an excellent job in a wonderful movie. I wish you much sucess with your career and I'll definetly be looking out for more of your works. I can only hope and pray that God will bless me one day with such a beautiful Godly woman as a wife. May God bless and keep you,

I had some time to kill and "discovered" that someone had made a movie about the book of Esther. SWEET SURPRISE! I watched it and was thankful it was so tastefully done. Thanks for setting high standards in a society that loves low ones. I'm 50 and can recommend this film to anyone in my family and church. That's unusual! May the Lord Jesus bless you and your testimony for Him!
Bryan and Julie Gates, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

My wife and I just saw the movie, One Night with a King. We absolutely loved the movie, and Tiffany, you made the movie. We are Jewish, so we knew the Purim story before going to the movie. Your perception and role of Esther was excellent, and you made the movie! I laughed when I read your bio, because I thought you did such a great job, that you had to be Jewish! I can't wait to see more of your movies.
Eli Wolfson

I have always love the story of Esther so seeing it in movie form was awesome, and I loved watching you play her. ... I think your a great actress and I am so happy for you being able to portray (very well too) a wonderful woman of the bible. All the best.
Emily Editor: Thank you Emily for your other thoughts.

I am a pastor to women at Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach. I am putting on a big woman's conference on Saturday April 7, 2007 in Redondo Beach, Ca. Would you be interested in coming to speak to us for one 45 minute session. Thank you very much.
Marlo Blandford

Miss Tiffany,
I just wanted to say thank you for taking a step of faith by bringing Esther to the big screen. My husband and I loved your take on one my favorite characters in the Bible. You displayed Esther with such innocence and yet knowing of who she was, God's chosen people. God Bless You and we are praying for you.

TEXT: ... if you can get this email address to Ms.Dupont I would really appreciate it, I would love to take Tiffany Dupont for a white mocha. Tiffany God Bless you and all who read this message, remember Jesus'first message, "Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven/God is at near"(Matt4:17), and IT IS.
Lars Knutsen

I used to live in Springfield, VA, just a few blocks away from Burke, VA, back in 1988-1993 timeframe, near the time when she lived there. I saw the Esther movie tonight and was fascinated with this actress's genuine work. When I learned how fast she went from college graduate and into a leading role of a major motion picture, I was stunned. What are the odds of that? Makes you rethink your own goals and where you'll be in five years. She is an inspiration to us all to rethink our own capabilities.
Mike M.

My wife, Shirley and I just saw "One Night With The King" and were truly inspired and encouraged in our Christian faith. God bless you and yours,
Dave Gilchriest
How may I obtain a signed photo of Miss Dupont?


And nothing was meant ebhind the "marry me" comment. I was just trying to get your attention. It still would be cool to meet you though.

Hello I saw you for the first time in "One Night with the King" Good job!! I'm curious about your ethnisity, you are beautiful. From where come your dark looks?
Donna Self Texas

hi! im one of ur biggest fanz one night with the king,was GREAT!even though im onli 13 i realli admire n think u will b n the industry 4 along time!!! i really hope 2 c MUCH MORE OF U !!! [[GOD BLESS U]]

Ms. Dupont: Thank you for subjecting yourself to G-d's will and blessing us with such an annointed performance as Esther. May G-d continue to grant you uncommon favor.
Monika Valentine

I love your Acting in "One night with the King.

Tiffany, Do you plan on doing other biblically based movies? You looked really good as queen Esther. And do you participate in ministry programs to reach the lost for Christ?

I think you played the best part. My name is hadassah and I think your really beautiful. NAME: hadassah

Hi Tiffany, “One Night with the King” was a great movie! You were awesome. I have to admit, I find myself captivated by the character and personality that you showed through your role as Esther. I know you’ll go far through God’s will. I hope you don’t mind, this is the first time I ever tried to contacting anyone out of nowhere, but I like to ask you for your email address. Maybe even establish a dialogue or something like that. Well, anyway, take care and God bless. -Jason

Hi Tiffany,
I saw your movie last weekend. It was excellent. People in the theatre we're applauding at various times throughout the movie because of the anointing it carried. Also I am glad that God still has a voice in Hollywood. Keep the faith!
Also, would you marry me? It's so hard to find a girl like you in this world. I just saw God in you in your movie and I was drawn to it. We may not meet until Heaven but if I met you that would be like having some of Heaven on earth. You may never see this email and that's alright but if so, drop me a line. You could at least make a Godly, supportinve friend and get to know a fellow musician too. God bless!

Dear Tiffany
When I was a child, my mother told me the story of Esther. I had to imagine the land of the persians as being Like paradise. I had said then of a time when a beautiful woman would come and show us her beauty You are that person Through you the prophecy is fulfilled. I for a long time saw only Asian women as beautiful Now that I had seen the story of Esther played out, ... This IS the Only movie for 2006 I like Amen to That
Timothas Kamasutra

I've seen One Night With The King twice. It's a moving story and encourages one to go read the book of Esther over and over again, just to see once again how the Lord our God can and will use those He has created for special purposes. It's a wonderful reminder. I hope the actors and actresses in this movie including, Tiffany Dupont, never forget the satisfaction and fullfillment that came to them for being apart of a movie that brought honor to our King,Jesus. Never will you ever find such fullfillment in movie making as you did when filming a true story that was first written and retold by our creator. To honor Christ in all ways is far greater than any other thing we could ever thirst for or desire...including fame. May the Lord be gracious to you Tiffany Dupont.
Meredith Aim

Hi, this is Susan Doyle--a classmate of yours from Lake Braddock. A good Christian friend of mine sent me the link to your new movie about Queen Ester and I was surprised/excited to realize the star really was you :) I didn't know you pursued acting after we graduated, but I wanted to send along my congratulations. I became a Christian in college and I respect that you choose roles that support your beliefs. Keep up the hard work and drop me a line if you have time. I'm in the Air Force now stationed in Italy.
God Bless! ~Susan Doyle

I just want to say that I absolutely enjoyied seeing Tiffany on the screen of One Night With The King! I loved the movie and I wanted to encourage Tiffany to continue to produce moives such as this one! May God Bless! I love the Edwarian Script used on website. That is one of my favorite fonts to use!
Melissa Hargett

Dear Tiffany,
I say to you congratualtions such an outstanding role in "One Night With The King" for truly Father chose you "For such a time as this" This movie gave me a deeper surrender in my call in the palace of "The King of Kings" I have seen the movie 5 times and each time I feel the presence of the King... It gets richer and richer..and your grace, beauty and humility brings out the character even more..God bless and His faithfulness and favor to tyou will increase more and more...God bless you..
Yvette, TX

TEXT: Hi Tiffany, if you read this post, I want you to know that I just saw "One Night With The King" for the first time last night (10/20). To say the least, I was deeply moved and completely amazed. My mom, sister and friend all thought the movie was incredible. I thought the acting was suberb, and you, my friend, are beautiful. I don't know if you are a Christian or not, but you played the role of Esther "Hadassah", very well. You made the story come alive for me, and made me want to come home and read the book of Esther all over again. You are absolutely beautiful, Tiffany, but what matters most, is if you love God with ALL your heart. Thank you for participating in this movie, and sharing the story of a passionate woman after God's own heart, with us. You are such a model to follow for somone who would love to act, but do so modestly and with integrity. Go Girl! Pursue Him above all! In Jesus' love, ~Abbey (Atlanta, GA, age 19)
Hi Tiffany - I just sent you an email, but wanted to write you again. Just read that you're a Christian! Yay!!! It's such an encouragement to know that a Christian young lady can have an acting career, but hold firm to modesty, morals, purity, and your integrity. You are my hero, Tiffany, because I've always wanted to do what you're doing, but didn't know if it was even possible for Christian to act and keep her values. You are definitely here for "such a time as this". Thank you for pioneering the path for others. May God bless you more than what you could ever ask or think. I would love to meet you sometime when you're in Georgia... my email is attached. I live in Atlanta, and read that you graduated from UGA. Go Dawgs!!! I'm a Christian, too. Blessings and love! ~Abbey
Abbey Bird

Hello Tiffany. I just saw "One Night With The King." It is the most remarkable film I've ever seen. I was very happy to learn that you are a Christian. Thank you for your part in this blessing.Always remember that we, like Esther, can count on God's guidance as we remain faithful & obedient to Him.
Stay true to Christ.

Dear Tiffany, I haven't seen your movie yet "One Night With the King" but have heard good things about it. From the articles linked to your website I understand you are a Christian and a friend of yours has a video and website including you and your sister Christelle so I hope she is also a Christian. I pray that God will protect you in the midst of the amorality which pervades America but which must be particularly so in Hollywood. I read somewhere that the movie people found you at Calvary Chapel and I was wondering if that was correct? Church is a good place to be found in when God directs although He can do so anywhere. May God continue to bless you and keep you as you follow where He leads through Jesus Christ our Saviour.
Yours Sincerely, Michael
ps. If I don't see the movie in the theater, I hope to buy it on DVD.

Hello tiffany.
I saw your movie last night it was real good,i really enjoyed it. i just would like to tell u your a very beautiful women tiffany.
latin romeo

My name is David Gregory, a junior majoring in musical theater in the Cleveland area. Just saw the Esther film last night and felt the need to tell you that your portrayal of her, however close to your real person it might have been, was so incredibly refreshing to see. You are so beautiful both inside and out and that is written all over what you do. I'm sure you understand the rigor and frustration of working in such as a business as this (in such a time as this). I keep looking for that breath of fresh air and found it watching your performance. Thank you. I know Jesus will continue to bless this passion of yours.
Sincerely, David

Hey great movie. Keep up the great work and you start TAEKWONDO. really fun
C. Beasley

Thank you for being a blessins to so many of young women, wnah better witness but to play the role of of such a example of a blessed woman!!!... keep shining don't take down, you are chosen for Greatness, KEEP GOD FRIST!!! LOVE TIFFANY!!!
Alpha C. Monday

What a blessing to see someone as young and beautiful to play the part of Esther. This has been one of my favorites story forever and you brought it to life. You did such an awesome job. I don't believe that any one else could have done a better job. I also believe you were chosen for such a time as this. I read about the ministry you do in your church for young girls.. and a applaud you for your dedication. GOD has open the doors for you just keep your faith and trust in him for everything. Hope to see you in more future movies. I would love to see more movies like this. My daughter and niece went with me and they loved the movie. GOD BLESS.
Marisela Rawls

I'm going to see O.N.W.T.K. this week, but just seeing the trauler on T.B.N. you're purity shows up amazingly beautiful for Jesus! I sense yoy are about to have a very special door open for you helping in very significant ways to the saving of many souls. Bless you
Judith Carole Poch

Dear Tiffany,
I just saw "One Night with the King" and it was amazing! You did such a great job. I also wanted to tell you that I really respect you for standing firm in your faith. That must be hard to do in an acting career. Thank you for being an awesome role model.

God bless you Tiffany.
I really enjoyed watching your movie. It's really nice to have movies such as "One Night With The King" made today. There's not a lot out there for Christians to enjoy. I read that you are also a Christian and I think that is awesome. I will be praying for you and your walk with Christ
Leslie S.

Ms. Dupont,
Thank you for your work on the movie One Night with the King. It is too few that there comes a great Christian movie as this and I applaud you for being in it. I look forward to seeing you in more. I've tried to contact you thru your myspace although to much avail I have not been successful, so here is mine justplainGerald, I look forward to seeing you again. Enjoy what you have and continue to create great movies. May God bless you.
Gerald Sudduth

Miss Dupont,
I just watched the movie 'One Night With the King" and I must congratulate you on your performance. To exude such humility while enthroned with power speaks volumes about your true nature. You seem to be the Proverbs 31 woman and I wish you well in your experiences and applaud you for your convictions to Christian roles. I see so many young people selling out for money, wealth and fame while touting the religious banner of Christianity. I believe God will use you mightily in this age to inspire a generation of young womwn to hold fast to their Godly principles and remain faithful to the gospel. Thank you so much for being obedient. Your brother in Christ...
Rev. Bruce

I host a midday music show in Cincinnati on 93.3 WAKW ( I just saw One Night With the King and LOVED IT! I would love to interview Tiffany to help promote the movie. We are a 50,000 watt Christian Radio station. (That's a LARGE signal) and we have tons of Christians here who will love the movie.
Thanks! Kelly St. James

I just want to say Tiffany you have benn blessed with beauty and talent from God. May he bless you and keep you. Also, I loved the new movie "One Night With The King", you did a great job. Have a good day and productful career. :)

Dear Miss Tiffany Dupont,
i have never met you, but i did see "One Night with the King". i thought you were beautiful. i'm sure there are many people you grew up with telling you that now. but i really think you are the prettiest woman i have ever seen.(don't think i'm hitting on you, i'm only 18) but, i've often wondered what my future wife will look like. i think she will look a lot like you.
Caleb A. Parris

Tiffany, My wife and I saw the movie "One Night With the King". The movie was wonderful, and the part you played as Queen Esther was anointed and greatly ministered to the audience. Keep using your anointed talents for the Lord. We are blessed by the Best.
Gardner Ministries, Houston, Texas

Long time, no see! You look great, I haven't even heard your name in a long time. I glad everything is going well, contact me when you can.
Marcus Seymour, Gainesville,GA

Dear Tiffany, i reall enjoy watching One Night With the King you were so pretty, you and Luke Goss looked so happy together i hope you read this message and send me a e-mail ... well much love

Hey Tiffany, I don't know if you remember me, we went to Lake Braddock together. I just want to say hi, and let you know it's great what you are doing. I have in the past five years come into an amazing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and want to encourage you, especially out in the West. Well, I hope all is well, Take care and God Bless.
Bobby Gullo

God Bless you Tiffany,
hi my name is Lars Knutsen, when I first heard of you was when you receive the part of Ester, this was about two years ago? Anyway, when I saw you I was well blown away you are an angel and your are a mighty woman of God. I am a born again since December 31, 2003. I have been faithful with our Lord ever since. I leave for Israel November 5th attending the Israel school of ministries. I am a firefighter by profession and live in Elk Grove, Calif. I have a question for you, are you available for a white mocha. I pray that our Lord with Bless you and your family and protect you and your family, no weapon forged against you shall prosper. I hope we can have coffee soon!!
God bless you, Lars Knutsen

Hi Tiffany Dupont,
I very much enjoyed ‘One Night with the King’. The film was well done, and I enjoyed your performance. Thank you for doing such wonderful work for God. God bless!
Best, Al Nickerson

Ms. Dupont,
Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful!
Esther is wonderful!

I am so excited to see Esther! We are praying for you!
Sheeri R.

Dear Tiffany--
Do you have an e-mail address where I can write you?
What a blessing to have a beautiful young actress like yourself as role model for American children and teens, as well as the children and teens of all the nations of the World!
I'm wondering why Matt and Laurie Crouch haven't interviewed you and the other Actors in "One Night With The King" on TBN's "Praise The Lord" TV program or TBN's "Behind the Scenes" program. Since many of us have never seen you in any movies, we are very curious about you. I'm very grateful your website shows how you discovered you were accepted for this role, plus a very short interview with you. But we would love to know more about you, dear!

Hello Tiffany,
I'm a voice from your long lost past--Harrisonville Missouri. I was friends with your parents when you were a very little girl. I am happy to hear you are in this movie and would love to hear how your family is. Where is Krystal? Lesley and Carly say hello.
Dorothy Smith (Eisel) (Tiffany, we have this email on file.)

Tiffany, Hello
I am praying for you. I know you are a very nice person. I could tell when I met you. Please continue to be a good person. I am looking for very much to the Esther Movie. You are so pretty, I just want you to stay nice. God bless you.
Jenny C.

We have a script which has been optioned by Jack H. ... I found Ms Dupont through researching... She fits one of the leads extremely well (so far) and wonder if she would like to read through the script. The picture deals very subtly with the redemption of art and because of that, I'm concerned that the cast have a personal perspective on that. I appreciate the moral aspects of Ms Dupont's promo, etc. and this might be something she would be interested in on a personal as well as professional basis.
Thanks a lot for your help.
Jack B.

It's sad to say, but it looks like Tiffany Dupont is lowering her standards. I was surprised and sad to find out that she plays a character in the rather off-color TV series.
Mike G.

Hey Tiffany!
This is Joe Kim, your violin friend from LBSS ;) I'm watching your show right now, and I can honestly say that I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm really happy for you and the way your career is progressing. Keep pressing forward girl, I always knew you had a star quality about you.
BTW, I'm bragging to my friends that I knew you haha. I'm telling them how totally down-to-earth you were, and that you were a genuinely sweet person. When did you learn to act so well anyway? I don't remember you doing drama or anything...maybe you're just naturally gifted (in more than a few areas).
Anyway, I look forward to seeing you on TV and the big screen. We're rooting for you over here!

congratulations on the esther film! i look forward to seeing it.
truly, todd roe
psalm 18:29b

Dear Ms. Dupont,
When is the Esther movie coming out? I have heard on the message boards it is March 2006. Is that true? I am excited to see you movie! God bless you. Sincerely, Esther- ps. please check out my website for my upcoming book of poetry- I wrote a poem in it called, "The Queen of Persia" - and there are many other interesting poems in my collection.

Hello Tiffany,
I am glad to see that you are doing well. I have been wondering what happened to you. What do you know I see that you are doing so well. email me when you get a chance.
Mario Martin

Dear Tiffany,
I am in 7th grade and i am going to try out for the miss georgia contest and if i win become the national miss american. this is my first pagent and i was wondering if you could give me some tips to impress the judges. also i need a sponsor and was wondering if you knew of anyone who would be willing to sponsor me. well thank you for your time.
Genna Bowman

I saw you ... last night--my mom and I are were so excited for you and all the success you are having. Congratulations! I called all our friends and told them to watch the show. If you ever get back to Virginia, give me a call: 703-963-4823. Take care!
Shannon Ward

Hi, I'm a fresh new fan of Tiffany's since I saw O.N.W.T.King and have been finding great info about her on your site and found out about her being a violinist! Me being an 18 yr old classical pianist is Dying to see any type of video of her performing. Do you think you guys will consider uploading something like that (or any other videos would be great) :)
Thanks so much! Sabrina

My name is Alan, and I am an Associate Pastor of a small church in Denver Colorado. I went to see "One Night with the King" last week, and was simply blown away. The film was simply beautiful. It was so well done that it made me try to find out more about who was behind it, and that eventually lead me to your page. Basically, I just want to say thank you. I'm am kind of known at my church, and among my family and friends of being somewhat of a movie buff. But I must be honest and let you know that I had not heard of you before this film. I am thanking you for being a part of a movie that I can endore with all my heart. So many times when people ask me about a movie I say things like "it was good but the language was terrible," (or the violence, or the sex, or the message, etc.) Yet on the other side of the coin there have been other "more wholesome" movies, that quite frankly just weren't done well. So thank you for being a part of that. More importantly, thank you for believing enough in your Christian values to allow that to mold, and shape what you're willing to do. I don't want to throw other Christian performers under the bus, but it seems that so many loose focus on God, and justify in their own minds playing parts that directly conflict with basic Christian beliefs. It is so nice to be able to hold you up as a role model for the girls, and even guys in our church. To demonstrate following Christ. (Don't worry I'm not placing you on a pedistal that none of us can live up to, I am a pastor after all and understand the pitfalls of that.) I guess I'll simply close by saying that you made the Christian community prowd. Thank you.

Hi- I'm a married guy, so not trying to compliment you for relational reasons. But, wanted to tell you that I very much appreciated the way you played Esther- the innocence & purity that you portrayed, and which the face Jesus has given you helped convey. Again, THANKS! The movie was one more step toward me catching a glimpse of what Jesus wants us to be, as part of his Bride. So, thank you for allowing yourself to be viewed- and the effort you put into the role. I had a question re: a picture on this website. It's the one in which you and "the king" are in a temple-like setting, with drapes blowing, dark background, candles leading up to temple, etc. The suffix to your site address that displays it is: Tiffany-Esther-photos-06.shtml I'd like to use this as a background on a few of the PCs I work with. I'd also like to print it in various sizes, and put it on walls, etc.- to remind myself what I'm living for- the ultimate marriage and intimate relationship with Jesus. The question I have is, are these pics OK to print/use in a personal way? I won't be selling, them, etc. But, I still figured I better ask, since I presume they came from the filming, etc. Please drop a quick email back (or your support staff), and let me know if this is legal, according to your understanding. If it's NOT legal, is there a place you know of that I can buy a reprint of the picture, or the rights to display/use it personally? Thanks again for exemplifying (at least for me) a living analogy of Jesus' bride. Thanks ALSO for having the site built- I was longing for a picture that would help me encapsulate my longing to be Jesus' bride, and your posting these pics was a big help. May Jesus bless you for it! Jim Peak [Editor: All promotion shots come from productions.]

Hi Tiffany, Ive seen the movie. You were EXCELLENT!!! I went to see the movie when it came out at citywalk. I can't believe but i took pics with u after the movie that night. i loved the movie and the last scene was my favorite. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!,Jamal

Hello. I just saw you on Behind The Scenes on TBN. Great job in One Night With The King! Thanks for all the great work.
Sam Rapp

Wow... What a Great Movie and your part as Esther was fabulous. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Would you happen to know how or where I could obtain a couple of the Pendants like the One you wore in the movie. I would love to be able to give them two my two daughter for Christimas... I thank you for your reply in advance and Thank you once again for being the Perfect one to play the role of Esther.
Sincerly..... Jim Haugen

Hi Tiffany.
I loved you in One night with the king. There is a story you might like to read. It is call Whispers >From An Eastern Wind. You can get it on The charater, Reeza reminds me of you some what. The author is a good Christian friend and you would probably love her if you met her. Keep up the great work you'll win an oscar one day, I just know it.
Michael W Coleman

Ms. Tiffany,
My name is Emily Merrill, i am 14 years-old, in highschool, and I live in Tampa, Florida. I just don't know how to say this but I LOVED "one night with the king." The first time i saw it i was with my whole family on a sunday. We are all big believers and heard about the movie and wanted to come see it. Well i am one of those girls who loves romance movies and when i saw this movie which had a combination of my love for the lord and romance i loved it. I loved the way it protrayed- as long as you follow the lord he will find favor in you. Needless to say ever since i have seen that movie i have been going back every weekend to see it again and i will continue to until it leaves theatures. I know you probably have a million other e-mails to read but i have never e-mailed an actor before because i have never liked a movie sooooooo much! I hope i will one day have the honor of meeting you. You don't have to write me back. I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work. Your movie impacted many! Thank-you

TEXT: I am a 27 year old Utah resident and love the Work and The Glory book series. I thought Tiffany made a perfect Lydia Mcbride and not having her play Lydia in the sequels spoiled the movie for me. I was just wondering what came up in her life that caused her to turn down the role. Thank you.
Trisha Bowen

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