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The glorious love story of the life of Queen Esther is played by Tiffany Dupont. Esther saved the Jews from oppression and was cherished by Ahasuerus. The story of the Bible is filled with intrigue, romance, bravery, and honor. It is the story of a queen who became the savior of her people through a curious mix of fate and charm. It is also a story of remarkable love and devotion. This is Purim. Tifany Dupont is Queen Esther the heroine..
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ChristianityToday Interview with Tiffany Dupont on Esther

Tiffany Dupont
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Who is Tiffany Dupont?
Born: March 22, 1981
Kind. Considerate.
Enjoys helping others.
Musical Heart.
Nice Happy Lady
Tiffany loves her family.
Tiffany Dupont Omar Sharif
As Queen Esther

  • Tiffany Dupont fans bid on her dress from Greek. The proceeds from the auction at : Tiffany Dupont will create grants that the dress drive organizations that are part of the DonateMyDress network can apply for. It will help them run events to collect and distribute dresses to girls who can't afford them for prom.
  • Tiffany plays Violin: She played with the symphony before becoming an actress. Watch this YouTube video. YouTube Tiffany Dupont Violin
  • Thank you for enjoying Esther, One Night With The King!
    The movie was on TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network New Years Eve 06 and is now on DVD 07. (Amazon page).
  • "Hi- I just wanted to thank Tiffany for participating in the Animal Planet ROAR party benefiting animal charities. The auction is live now and the link is Animal Planet ROAR in case you'd like to post it to the site to raise awareness about the great pet carrier Tiffany decorated in support of The Amanda Foundation. Thank you, Melissa Olear - Animal Planet"

    Who is Tiffany Dupont?

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